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Hairloss Solutions

Hair loss, or alopecia, affects both men and women and can cause significant emotional stress. Understanding and addressing hair loss with scientific knowledge and empathy is essential, recognising its impact on an individual’s confidence and overall well-being. Hair loss can negatively affect how someone feels about themselves since hair is often associated with youth and health. As a result, people experiencing hair loss may feel less attractive or worry about looking older. This condition can lead to social anxiety, depression, and a lower quality of life for both men and women.

Understanding the Phases of the Hair Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle consists of three main phases. Each hair follicle is independent and goes through the growth cycle at different times; otherwise, all of our hair would fall out at once.

Anagen (Growth Phase)

This is the growth phase where the hair follicle actively produces hair. This phase can last for several years and determines the length of the hair.

Catagen (Transition Phase)

The Catagen phase lasts about two to three weeks. In this phase, the hair stops growing, and the follicle shrinks.

Telogen (Resting Phase)

This phase lasts around three months. At the end of this phase, the hair falls out, and a new hair begins to grow from the follicle, starting the cycle over again.

What causes Hairloss?

Hair loss can result from various factors. The most commonly seen type of hair loss that affects both males and females is androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. It often presents as a receding hairline or bald spots, while women may notice thinning hair along the crown. Hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause, or thyroid problems can lead to hair loss or thinning hair. Similarly, medical treatments such as chemotherapy can also cause hair loss as a side effect. Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune condition, can also contribute to hair loss by attacking the hair follicles, resulting in patchy hair growth.

Treatment Options

At Aesthetic Allure, we offer a multi-modal approach to hair loss treatments. We offer regenerative medicine options for treating hair loss, including PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and Exosome treatments combined with skin needling. These methods promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp’s natural healing abilities. Alongside these treatments, we work closely with our prescribing doctor to provide medication management to address hair loss causes directly. Our unique position within By George Hairdressing also allows us to recommend specific hair care products to support scalp health and complement the treatment process.

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Benefits of Hairloss Solutions at Aesthetic Allure

  • Uses your own growth factors to heal and rejuvenate your skin

  • Improve elasticity, tone and thickness of your skin

  • Effective treatment for Alopecia and Hair loss

  • Minimal side effects

  • Minimal downtime and recovery

  • Results continue to improve with repeated treatments

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