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Brow & Lash Artistry

Discover the benefits of Eyelash Lifting and Eyebrow Lamination in one session. Our treatments provide a practical solution for enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes and brows. Eyelash Lifting creates a lasting curl that makes lashes appear longer and fuller, eliminating the need for daily curling. Eyebrow Lamination smooths and sets brow hairs in place, filling gaps and giving a consistent, polished shape. Ideal for those looking to streamline their beauty routine, these services offer visible, durable results, allowing you to enjoy beautifully defined lashes and brows with minimal maintenance.

Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination has taken the beauty world by storm, becoming a must-have treatment for those seeking impeccably groomed and effortlessly stylish brows. It essentially restructures the brow hairs to keep them in the desired shape and direction, offering an instant lift and definition without the need for permanent makeup or micro-blading. Eyebrow Lamination promises to transform your eyebrows into fuller, more defined arches, setting the tone for a striking facial feature.

What to Expect

The brow area is thoroughly cleaned to remove any oils or makeup, ensuring the products adhere correctly.

A gentle solution is then applied to make the hairs more pliable. Then, the hairs are brushed into the desired position, and a setting lotion is applied to secure them. The whole process usually takes about an hour from start to finish.

After the setting lotion, a nourishing oil or serum may be applied to hydrate the brows and encourage healthy hair growth.

Eyelash Lift

Eyelash lifting, or lash lift, is perfect for those seeking to enhance their natural lashes without needing extensions or daily curling. This treatment alters the shape and colour of your natural lashes, giving them a beautiful curl and lift that lasts for weeks. Unlike lash extensions, a lash lift enhances your natural lashes without attaching additional fibers, offering a more natural look and feel.
Lash Lifts offer a semi-permanent lift and curls to your lashes, making them appear longer, fuller, and more captivating.

What to Expect

Your lashes are meticulously cleaned to remove residue or makeup, ensuring the lifting solution adheres appropriately.

A silicone shield is placed on your eyelids, and your lashes are brushed upwards to adhere to the shield. A lifting solution, followed by a setting solution, is applied to mould the lashes into a curled shape.

A lash tint can be applied after the lift, making your lashes look darker and more pronounced.

Aftercare Advice

To maximise the longevity of your brow lamination or lash lifting treatment, adhere to the following aftercare guidelines:

  • Water and Steam:
    The first 24 hours are crucial for your brow lamination or lash lift to set correctly. To ensure this, it’s important to keep your lashes dry and away from steam.
  • Be Gentle:
    Avoid rubbing your eyes area or touching your brows / pulling on your lashes to maintain their shape and the curl and integrity of the lift.
  • Gentle Cleansing: When cleaning your face, be gentle around your eye area.
  • Skip the Brow Pencil or Mascara:
    Avoid these makeup items for at least 24 hours post-treatment. After that, you may use it, but many find they need less or none at all.
  • Moisturise!
    Regularly apply a brow & lash serum to keep both your brows & lashes healthy and strong.

Eyebrow lamination and eyelash lifting offer a streamlined beauty routine, enhancing your brows and lashes for a fuller, more defined look with minimal effort. These treatments save time and maintain your brows and lashes in perfect shape, making daily makeup routines simpler. If you’re seeking effortless beauty with lasting results, combining these treatments could be your ideal solution.

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Benefits of Brow & Lash Artistry

  • Natural looking enhancement

  • Low maintainence

  • Long lasting results of up to 6 – 8 weeks

  • No pain or downtime

  • Suitable for most people

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